Monday, January 31, 2011

Fotos De Hernia Hiatal

T-shirt with Nazi rallies

Photo: Infest Clothing PR
of "Infest Clothing" has been online today and 3 from February in all Dresdner "Black Sheep" stores (ball house, same park, Louisensta├če) available. The Nazi marches place this year not only on 13 February, the anniversary of the bombing, but also on 19 February.
2010 it was Dresden residents and visitors to the city the march on 13 to prevent successful. For second on 19 to block it still requires more commitment of many people. And right there comes into play Infest Clothing. They have designed a T-shirt, of which 5 will go directly to a nationwide alliance € "Dresden Nazi-free". "Infest Clothing For as Dresdner label, which is committed to combating racism and xenophobia, it is not just a matter of course take part in the protests against the Nazi rallies, but we will also actively support this, "said Sebastian Infest Clothing. For 18 € you can buy the shirts and so on 13 and 19 February the Nazis show what about Dresden.


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